Edison Price Lighting Gallery

Located in our headquarters, the Edison Price Lighting Gallery lies at the heart of the vibrant arts community in Long Island City (LIC), NYC. The Gallery exhibits artists who work locally, or in the field of lighting.


The Gallery joins over 400 art institutions lit by Edison Price Lighting. Like much of the artwork they illuminate, our architectural lighting fixtures exemplify the high-quality design and manufacturing originating from New York City. All of our fixtures were designed in the R&D department adjacent to the Gallery, and fabricated in the factory downstairs.


The Gallery is dedicated to our founder, Edison Price (1918 - 1997), whose innovations – including recessed fixtures with spun aluminum reflectors, continuous lighting track, and wall grazing systems – illuminated many of the most beautiful spaces built in his time. This Gallery is an homage to a man who showed that product design and manufacture can, and should, be pursued as an art.


Current exhibition

The Gallery's current exhibition includes two collections: 'Chapter 2' and 'Light Inspired'. See the Gallery Guide to learn more. 

CHAPTER 2 features works by alumni of the Queens Council of the Arts' High School to Art School program. Curated by the HS2AS's board, Chapter 2 showcases the local young talent blossoming from our community.


LIGHT INSPIRED exhibits artists who work in the lighting field, from fixture design to architectural lighting design. Together, their multi-media pieces redefine light as a complex source of inspiration.


This exhibition opened in January 2016. The opening reception was attended by the artists, our neighors, and members of the lighting design community. The Gallery is available for similiar events; contact us for arrangements. 


Past ExHIBITionS

The Gallery's debut exhibition, 'Made in LIC, NYC: a collection of Light & Art,' illustrated the diversity of artwork created within a few block's radius of Edison Price Lighting. See its Gallery Guide to learn more.



The Edison Price Lighting Gallery is available for meetings, seminars, mock-ups, and events. Past events have included:


  • The AIA CES lecture, "Out of the Shadows: Darkness in a new light." Delivered by Abhway Wadwha of AWA Lighting Designers, this Continuing Education lecture explored our psychological, cultural, and physical relationship to darkness and light. 
  • "Radiate", a performance of light and jazz. The multi-dimensional performance featured composers J. Walter Hawkes and Pat Irwin, and light artist Kenny Greenberg.
  • The Gallery's opening reception, which was an official event of the United Nations' International Year of Light, the NYCxDesign program, and the Long Island City Arts Open.


come visit

Visitors are welcome to visit the Gallery by appointment. Email gallery@epl.com for details.