Modification Process

Bring your lighting challenges to our Technical Sales team. If a modification is needed, we will guide you through our efficient 5-step modifications process.


The Modification Process


  • STEP 1 Upon receiving the initial request, we will research the modification, including previous experience, potential heat tests, required components and tooling, and supplier feedback.


    Our Technical Sales team: Linda, Holly, and Dan

  • STEP 2 Our Technical Sales department will provide a quote, if the modification is confirmed feasible.

  • STEP 3 Upon receiving a purchase order, our engineers may either: a) confirm a prototype is unnecessary, and create master assembly drawings, or b) confirm a prototype is necessary and design a custom fixture. If a prototype is created, our Metrology department will perform in-house heat and pull testing.


    Our Director of Metrology conducting a photometric test.

  • STEP 4 Once the drawings have been approved, and the order has been released, our team will create detailed parts drawings and finalize the factory's bill of material.

  • STEP 5 Working closely with the engineers, our manufacturing employees will begin fabrication.


    A factory employee preparing parts.