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Functionrecessed wallwasher

standard LED module

Apertureround 4"

Depth5 1/2″

Footprint18" x 11 7/8

Net Weight10 lbs


FOUR XTM WL is a 4” aperture LED wallwasher powered by one of a number of Xicato® LED modules – including Artist Series and Vibrant Series modules – all of which are distinguished by extraordinary color consistency (within 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse). Precise design provides uniform illumination on vertical surfaces up to the ceiling line and minimizes aperture brightness. The optical assembly consists of two internal reflectors and a 40° x 70° glass spread lens. Assembly may be rotated 362°, oriented as desired and locked in place. Recessed depth is only 5 ½”. 


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Application Notes

Luminaire is listed as an inherently protected luminaire for Damp Location. Luminaire is RoHA compliant, is suitable for use in a fire rated ceiling and is approved for ten #12 wire 90° C branch circuit pull through wiring. Removal of the external reflector allows access to the LED module and junction box.


FRxtmWL2054.ies; 2000L, 54° interior reflector

Additional Options

  • An optional holder accessory permits the use of one of a number of Optical Accessories including color filters and screens.
  • Remote emergency battery pack including two components – battery pack and plate with test switch and light – to be mounted adjacent to luminaire; for use in accessible ceilings .

  • Plaster ring allows use of 4 7/8” OD Trim Flush (-TF) reflector in sheetrock ceiling: 5 3/16” dia hole required.


Contact factory with quantity for pricing; orders may require shop drawing approval.

  • +DOD: luminaire suitable for high humidity environments; add +DOD to Product Code.
  • +MAR: reflector suitable for marine environments; add +MAR to Product Code.