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10 Reasons EPL Shines

How can you distinguish Edison Price Lighting from the rest?

See a concise, phot-based overview of 10 reasons why EPL shines. You'll specify confidently thereafter, knowing you've chosen the best.


10 Reasons Why EPL Shines

  1.  Complete fixture families

    1. One-stop solution offers consistency, user-friendly customer service, and streamlined deliver. 

    2. One fixture family includes multiple mounting options and functions. For example, the Three line is available as a recessed and remodeler; both of which include downlight, accent light, and lensed wallwashers.

  2. Optically-precise design

    1. We first choose the most appropriate LED module, then design for the application's specific needs, prioritizing shielding and efficiency.

    2. Our performance is trusted by 400+ art institutions, and thousands of commercial, residential, hospitality, academic, medical and government properties around the world.

  3. Elegant aesthetics

    1. "Functional, efficient, original, no-nonsense design" - Edison Price, founder

    2. Designed to blend in with architecture

  4. Sales Service

    1. We work with designers and representatives to offer

      1. Samples (For example: the State Farm Center in Champaign, IL. Our sample was one of 18 downlights tested for materials, aesthetics, and performance. We won the blind test, and the order.)

      2. Mock-ups (For example: the NiSource Gas Headquarters in Columbus, OH. Four lighting companies provided samples for mock-ups in a functional office. We won the order.)

    2. Edison Price Lighting Gallery:

      1. Art gallery exhibiting local and professional artists

      2. Showroom for newest products

      3. Dedicated mock-up area

      4. Event space

  5. Common modifications

    1. Including modications for  2" ceilings, up to 40º sloped ceilings, marine environment coating, and tamper-proof features. 

    2. Common modifications are listed on the spec sheets.

  6. Made-to-Order process

    1. Project analysis

    2. Research by Technical Sales staff

    3. Quotation and order pla

    4. cement

    5. Approval drawing submittal

    6. Finalize design

    7. Release and manufacture.

  7. In-house manufacturing

    1. Complete 'Made in USA' metal-working shop. Far more than an assembly operation!

    2. Combining handcraft techniques by cross-trained, highly-skilled employees, with fast, flexible programmable machinery.

    3. Design to fabrication -- all in one building, ensuring:

      1. Quality control

      2. Minimal wait time for parts

      3. Seamless communication between factory, R&D, and Customer Service. 

  8. Sustainable

    1. Sustainable manufacturing, including: locally-sourced materials, no toxic solvents, water-based low-VOC paint, 50% recycled packaging, all leftover metals recycled

    2. Sustainable design, ensures long lifetimes (due to durable materials and replaceable parts) and energy efficiency.

  9. Serviceable

    1. Easy installation for track fixtures (self-engaged springs, symmetrical track conductors, snap-on accessories), and recessed fixtures (keyed reflector, through-wire junction box, universal mounting brackets, heavy-gauge ceiling fittings).

    2. On-site adjustments for track fixtures (lockable focus, keyed cross-baffle, twist and lock accessory holder, on/off switch, integral dimming options, wireless tuning fixture), and recessed fixtures (conversion kit for function and light source, light source accessible through aperture, beamspread changed with internal reflector accessrory).

  10. Export capability

    1. Our quality, available around the world: We provide our international manufacturing partners critical components and assembly guidance. Then, our partners assemble products locally.

    2. The resulting final product:

      1. Meets Edison Price Lighting's standard for quality

      2. Covered by our warranty

      3. Local code compliant

      4. Cost competitive