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Insulation-contact, Airtight is EPIC

Edison Price Lighting's Insulation-Contact Airtight fixtures are EPIC. They are rated for zero clearance IC by Underwriters Laboratories, and are certified airtight by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

But it is the EPIC's comprehensive lines, performance, and appearance that makes it worthy of its name. Consider the family's unique features:

  • Comprehensive line. Our EPIC family include a variety of:
    • light sources (LED, CFL, MR16, AR111, and PAR lamps),

    • functions (downlights, wallwashers, adjustable angle fixtues, and combination downlight/wallwashers),

    • additional ratings (UL wet label, and Title 24).

  • Identical appearance. EPICs look like our standard recessed fixtures: the same reflector finishes, low brightness, high efficiency, and trim details.
  • Uncompromised performance. The EPICs also perform like our standard recessed fixtures: the same degrees of adjustability, easy relamping , lockable focus in the accent lights, and keying in the lensed wallwashers .