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LED downlight/wallwasher: APlus

APlus is the industry’s first LED-powered downlight/wallwashers, available both in Cree-quality white light and warm ‘incandescent style’ light. Its innovative design and smooth performance earned the APlus a spot on the 2015 IES Progress Report!


APlus WhiteLight

How do you create new LED lighting fixtures that deserve the name APlus? 

  1. Start with Cree’s WhiteLight diffuse dome LED module; it delivers useful color temperatures at high CRIs.

  2. Design for this hemispherical light source a set of downlight reflectors that provide wide distribution with a .9 spacing ratio, a 40° shielding angle and low brightness at normal viewing angles. 

  3. Develop three sets of combination downlight/wallwash reflectors offering:

    1. standard wall washing, 

    2. corner wallwashing around inside corners, and 

    3. double wallwashing for corridors. 

The result: two new luminaires that could be perfect for your next project:


But wait, there’s more! . . .


APlus Sunset

Design a matching set of APlus fixtures built around Cree’s Sunset diffuse dome LED modules. These LED’s dim smoothly from 2700K to 1800K and provide a visual experience remarkably close to incandescent ‘dim-to-warm’ lighting. We can almost hear the sigh of relief from designers of residences and hospitality spaces.