What's New

For maximum control, our Narrow Spotlight (NSP)

Spotlighting has been refined with our powerful, elegant Narrow Spotlight (NSP) line. The NSPs are equipped with a precise concentric ring baffle, which deliver glare-free, tight beamspreads. The NSPs empower clients to spotlight a painting, company logo, church pulpit, and other important objects in multi-story spaces. 


The Artima LED/3 NSP and Artima LED/5 NSP are powered by Cree's chip-on-board LED module, which delivers the following options:

  • tight 9° and 10° beamspreads,

  • up to 3900 lumens, illuminating up to 30' high,
  • up to 60,000 center beam candle power (CBCP),
  • up to 95 CRI,
  • color consistency within 2-step MacAdam ellipses. 


The Maxima LED NSP is powered by Xicato's XTM module, which delivers the following options:

  • tight 13° and 28° beamspread,
  • up to 3800 lumens, illuminating up to 20' high,
  • up to 10,000 CBCP,
  • up to 98+ CRI,
  • color consistency within a 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse. 


Consult the NSP spec sheets for up-to-date data.


NSP versions 

The NSPs' additional versions further tailor your lighting:

  • NSP OG: with springs on their ring baffles for mounting optical accessories, including lenses, filters or screens. 
  • NSP OP: without springs, for a cleaner appearance. 
  • NSP LH: designed for efficiency with open, un-baffled apertures. 
  • IDM NSP: includes an integral dimming module, for dimming individual fixtures on 120-volt and 277-volt track.