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Selected for the IES Progress Report

Which two new Edison Price Lighting fixtures were selected for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) 2015 Progress Report?

...was it our color-tuning LMTs, our wide-distribution Stacklite LEDs, or our dim-to-warm LMDs? We've released many new fixtures this year, so even our own competition was stiff. This year's award goes to...

Artima LED/5 family

  • power...the Artima LED/5 O object light reaches up to 5600 lumens.
  • efficiency...the Artima LED/5 O LH open-aperture object light delivers up to 77 lumens per Watt.
  • tall wallwashing...the Artima LED/5 W wallwasher illuminates up tp 16' walls with 26 vertical footcandles.
  • focus...the Artima LED/5 NSP is a 9° narrow spotlight, delivering 60,000 CBCP.
  • combined focus and efficacy...the Artima LED/5 NSP LH open-aperture spotlight achieves 73 lm/W. 


APlus family

  • the industry's first LED combination downlight/wallwasher, providing:
    • standard wall washing, 
    • corner wallwashing around inside corners, and
    • double wallwashing for hallways
  • efficiency...the APlus WhiteLight delivers up to 74 lumens per Watt.
  • dim-to-warm dimming...the APlus Sunset dims from 2700K to 1800K.