What's New

Tunable and Dim-to-warm fixtures

Our three newest product families – LMDs, LMTs and MidiMax LMTs – are our smartest lighting fixtures yet, offering dim-to-warm and color tuning capabilities. 

Smart feature: Dim-to-warm 


Our trio of recessed fixtures with Lumenetix araya® Dynamic Dimming LED modules, not only dim to 1%, but dim-to-warm from 3000K to 1800K. 

Spaces that encourage people to relax – hotel lobbies, restaurants, hospital lounges, residences – can now enjoy the incandescent experience and LED efficiency. 


Smart feature: Color tuning

LMTs allow the user to style the light as required, fixture by fixture – without lamps, color filters, screens or all those trips up and down the ladder. Instead, use a held-held remote control to color tune the LMTs by the following parameters: 

  • on/off switching 
  • dimming to 5% 
  • correlated color temperature (CCT) 
  • hue, and 
  • saturation. 


LMTs are ideally suited for spaces where a varying selection of products is displayed, such as retail stores, showrooms, and art galleries.


Recessed LMT

Our new trio of recessed fixtures with Lumenetix araya broad spectrum LED modules 


Track LMT

The same Lumenetix module powers our new trio of track fixtures:

Surface-mounted versions are also available.