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UpLine LED Upgrade

Soft ambient uplighting and flexible track lighting. . . you can achieve both with our improved UpLine LED dual-function track system.  Mounted by pendants or cables, the UpLine LED features LED arrays inserted into the top of our signature seamless track.

The UpLine LED is ideal for spaces requiring an extra boost of light, including

  • barreled ceilings, often found in older buildings.
  • vaulted ceiling, frequently found in churches.
  • offices and classrooms, which need bright ceilings to avoid computer screen glare.
  • galleries, museums, and retail stores, which need ambient lighting to compliment spotlighting.

Our gentle-yet-substantial UpLine track solves all these needs, now with improved performance.


UpLine LED Upgrade

The Upline LED is now powered by the new OSRAM HF2 “Seamless Constant Current” LED array, offering improvements in: 

EFFICIENCY: The LED uses only 5.5 watts per foot — doubling the efficiency compared to the previous generation.

COLOR RENDERING: The 2700K color array now provides 90 CRI.

DIMMING: The LED array can be dimmed to 1%.

Additional features

Independent wiring: LED uplights and track fixtures can be dimmed separately, 

Track lighting voltage: up to two 120-volt, 20-amp circuits,

Color temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K,

Mounting: aircraft cables (AC version), or 18", 36", or 72" pendants (PM version),

Paint finishes: white, black, and silver available standard; custom color finishes also available.

"Made in USA"-certified: Our NYC factory fabricates all our track systems with durable aluminium, sourced from Pennsylvania.